Thursday, January 10, 2013

Knowledge Value Project Ideas

Take a high school advanced placement course or a post-secondary college class.

Make a scripture-of-the-day or word-of-the-day calendar. Have it spiral bound at a local office supply store.

Make at least three of the Christmas gifts given away this year using a new skill. Girls could can jars of applesauce, make Christmas ornaments, or create pieces of jewelry.
Needlepoint a pillow case or tablecloth

Learn and become certified in First Aid and CPR and teach it to others

Learn sign language for some songs and sing and sign them in Sacrament Mtg

Train a dog to be obedient and do tricks

Make and bring Sacrament bread for 6 weeks (must let Priesthood leaders know)

Plan and cook 10 meals for your family

Sew 5 pillows to give as gifts

Train for and participate in a 5K walk or run

Read any book of scripture in 60 days (Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Old or New Testament)

Watch or re-watch general conference, all 4 sessions, and the Young Women general session. Then write in your journal how it applies to the value that you are working on and how it affects their life

Re-decorate your bedroom. Stick with a budget. Learn how to properly prepare to paint, wallpaper, or whatever you desire. Research topics, ideas and carry out.

Learn how to do indexing for family history

Learn canning. Have someone teach you how. There are so many possibilities. It is such a practical skill that very few are capable of.

Be the Young Women "historian" with a digital camera. Then print out and make a display of all the activities for YWIE. Or you can make a dvd or slide show presentation and have an "awards show" night.
Plant garden to grow vegetables

Cross stitching the YW theme in the value colors

Compile a family recipe book

Create a work of art

Take an art class

Write and illustrate a children’s book

Learn a new craft

Learn how to sew

Keep a scripture journal and write in it every day

Plan out healthy menus for your family

Learn how to knit or crochet

Research possible careers- the education needed, what they do, interview someone in that field

Have a Prophet Party- research a prophet or do all of the latter-day prophets, make their favorite food, have everyone bring a favorite quote or story from their life, make a scrapbook with the stories/ quotes, watch a conference talk from them if possible

One of our girls worked with the local police department and set up a booth for parents to fill out all information on their child(ren) in case they went missing.

*Disclaimer- These have been collected from many sources on the internet and a few are my own ideas. I am not taking credit for coming up with all of these ideas, just collecting them!

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