Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Integrity Value Project Ideas

·         Host an alternative after-prom party where the environment will be safe and all activities will be in keeping with church standards.

·         Make a faux tile picture of the temple and display it somewhere visible. Write feelings about the temple and a plan for preparing to enter the temple on the back.

·         Plan and lead a campaign to keep Christ in Christmas this year.

·         Make monthly Personal Progress reminders to hand out to every YW for 6 months

·         Make FHE kits to give to families in the ward, 3 months' worth-including recipes, games, lessons

·         Read any book of scripture in 60 days (Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Old or New Testament)

·         Watch or re-watch general conference, all 4 sessions, and the Young Women general session. Then write in your journal how it applies to the value that you are working on and how it affects their life

·         Be in charge of New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence

·         Be the Young Womens "historian" with a digital camera. Then print out and make a display of all the activities for YWIE. Or you can make a dvd or slide show presentation and have an "awards show" night.

·         Create a blog- could be about your Personal Progress goals, how you choose to life your life, your testimony, things you learn from your scripture study, etc.

·         Type up old family journals- write in your own journal what you have learned from your ancestors

·         Compile a family testimony book

·         Create a work of art show how you live your faith

·         Write and illustrate a children’s book about a gospel topic

·         Compile quotes from General Authorities about the young women’s values and make a scrapbook

·         Read a book by a General Authority and write in your journal about how you can live an honest life by following its teachings

·         Keep a scripture journal and write in it every day

·         Participate in a sport or club- write in your journal how being involved in this group helps you in your life and how it will help your future

·         Alter clothing to be more modest

·         Make a book, blog, video, etc. about how personal progress has helped you and blessed your life.

·         Complete Scripture Hero Journal found on

*Disclaimer- These have been collected from many sources on the internet and a few are my own ideas. I am not taking credit for coming up with all of these ideas, just collecting them!

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