Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Individual Worth Project Ideas

Individual Worth
Mentor a child through a community volunteer organization, making a conscious effort to build his or her self-worth.

Organize and throw a surprise party for a friend or relative. Plan to have their favorite guests, food, and activities at the party.

Write a personal history, documenting childhood memories up to the present time.
Learn sign language for some songs and sing and sign them in Sacrament Mtg

Write a personal history for your Mother, Father, and Grandparents to present as a gift

Organize a family reunion

Compile and distribute a monthly YW Newsletter for 6 months

Make and bring Sacrament bread for 6 weeks (must get permission from the Bishop)

Temple work!! Find names and go to the temple to be baptized for them

Compile a collection of your writings, poetry, and/or art, photography

Train for and participate in a 5K walk or run

Make a personal history scrapbook


Write weekly letters of support and encouragement to a Missionary for 3 months, offer encouragement

Watch or re-watch general conference, all 4 sessions, and the Young Women general session. Then write in your journal how it applies to the value that you are working on and how it affects their life
Learn how to do indexing for family history

Mentor one of the younger girls through her personal progress

Be the Young Women "historian" with a digital camera. Then print out and make a display of all the activities for YWIE. Or you can make a dvd or slide show presentation and have an "awards show" night.

Create a blog- could be about your Personal Progress goals, how you choose to life your life, your testimony, things you learn from your scripture study, etc.

Type up old family journals

Create a work of art that shows your individual worth or the individual worth of others

Write and illustrate a children’s book about individual worth

Plan out healthy menus for your family, write in your journal about how eating healthy helps you

Organize a talent show

Start an interest group

Have a “Princess Day Camp” for the activity day girls

Organize a blood drive

Make "chemo baskets" and take them to a Cancer Treatment Center- pair of socks, the Young Woman lap blankets, hard candy, a pack of gum, lotion, a trial size packet of baby wipes, a small trash can with a box of liners (in case the patient gets sick on the travel home). Give them anonymously

Organize family photos

Use billiongraves.com to help map out local cemeteries or find your own ancestors 

*Disclaimer- These have been collected from many sources on the internet and a few are my own ideas. I am not taking credit for coming up with all of these ideas, just collecting them!

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