Thursday, May 30, 2013

Candy Bar Men

For mutual last night, we played the "Candy Bar Men" game. I remember playing this when I was in Young Women and it is still fun to watch today.


Candy Bar Men
1. Get several different kinds of candy.
2. Write out descriptions of what that candy bar might be like as a husband. There are several examples here. Because of availability, I wrote out several more descriptions for the candy I could find. (see below)
3. Let the young women pick out a candy bar or cut the descriptions up and let each girl choose one out of a bowl.
4. Have the young women take turns reading their "husbands." 

Since we have done this once with a few of our girls, I chose to make them draw their husbands out of a bowl. After we went around, I had each leader share one thing that has helped to make their marriage successful. Then we completed Integrity #7 in our personal progress books. 

After we were done the young women looked through wedding picture albums of the leaders and the young women asked us to share our proposal stories.

Candy Bar Descriptions

AIRHEADS- This guy is handsome and rich. You got married in the temple but he can’t seem to remember any important dates- like your birthday or your anniversary. He doesn't think it is a big deal since he brings home the money each month. He tells you to go buy your own presents so that he won’t have to remember them. He is constantly changing jobs trying to find the “perfect one”. He does have his good qualities though, like making sure you live close to your parents and playing with the kids.
Junior Mints- This guy has a fun personality which makes up for the fact that he is short. He works several small jobs to put himself through school because he believes education is important. He loves your two kids and is saving up to take the family to Disneyland when he graduates. He likes to be clean and sometimes takes too long checking himself out in front of the mirror. He makes sure to take you out for your weekly date night and loves you dearly.
Good & Fruity- This guy is full of games and fun. He loves to play sports, take you to visit new cities, and live in the moment. He plans fun last minute dates and loves to cook exotic food. Every time you try to talk about the future he shrugs you off. You eloped at city hall but he won’t sit down to talk to you about getting sealed in the temple. He hopes for kids sometime in the future but tells you not to stress about it now. He always has friends staying at your house and it is always noisy.
Nerds- This guy graduated top of his class in high school and in going to law school right now. He doesn't care about fashion and you have to make sure you check him to make sure he matches before he leaves the house. You are working right now to put him through school and hope that he’ll be able to get a job as soon as he graduates. You live in a tiny apartment but it is filled with love and support. He doesn't have free time for dates but lets you have girl’s night out. You are waiting to have children. He serves when he can in the church.
Sour Patch Kids- This guy is working on being more positive. You recently got married in the temple after he had a sour divorce. He has 6 children and you are trying to figure out how to become an instant mom in all of this. He is bitter about his divorce and the problems that it brings but he tries helps out at home. He hopes one day to feel less-stressed. At the end of the day he is usually too tired to want to talk or do anything with you. He faithfully goes to work, brings home the money, and tries to make sure his bad attitude doesn’t rub off on the family.
Jolly Rancher- This guy is a cowboy who moved you out on a ranch in the middle of no-where. He has a swearing problem but tries not to cuss in front of you or other ladies. He doesn’t go to church because he says it too far to drive and he can’t leave the animals that long. He shows you off at expensive restaurants and loves to take you dancing. He doesn’t want kids at the moment and says that he has enough work with the ranch. He’s positive though and makes you feel good about yourself when you are around him.
Starburst- This guy has a dreamy voice. You meet at a stake talent show where he sang “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” and you feel head-over-heels in love! He decided to pursue Broadway and is in the traveling tour. You live in a travel trailer following the group. Because of all the traveling you don’t see your family or friends much. He takes you to the closest chapel on Sundays but because of the performances, he is only able to usually go to Sacrament meeting. He says that when the children start going to school, he will find a local career and a place to settle down.
Butterfingers- This guy is clumsy. You met at a stake dance and he kept stepping on your toes. He was sweet about it and apologized each time. He wanted to make it up to you by making sure you had a fun night. He won your heart and soon you were married. You never go dancing but he loves to play board games with you after the kids go to sleep. He has to travel for his job so you rarely get to go out on dates. He loves his calling as cub scout leader but you usually have to prepare his activities. He doesn’t help out with the cooking or cleaning but he helps keep the children busy.
Almond Joy- This guy is not the most fit and has a quirky personality. He is positive and tries to find happiness in any situation you face. He has recently lost his job but he is working hard to find new employment. He compliments you every day and likes to leave you silly love notes. You never know what crazy idea he’ll come up with next but he always make sure you are happy. He is active in the church and loves working with you in your calling as nursery workers.
Crunch- This guy is respectful and wants to best for his wife. He is a hard worker. You met through a dating website and got married quickly. He was in a car accident that put him in a wheelchair. He doesn’t let it affect his attitude and his fun, positive personality draws other people to immediately like him. You have to help him with things around the house. He serves in the young men’s presidency and takes you to the temple monthly.

Take 5- This guy is a cool and has an amazing tan. He loves surfing and going to the beach. He proposed to you on a moonlit night during a dinner cruise. He doesn’t want to go to college but makes enough to pay the bills. He likes to do surfing competitions and wants to move to Hawaii someday. He has a relaxed personality and helps keep you calm when you stress about things. He is supportive. Though you have not been able to have children he says it is okay and maybe one day you will adopt. He doesn’t want to take the time to visit your family who live far away but sets aside money so that you can go whenever you want.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Last night for our combined activity we planned the game sardines. 

One person is chosen to be it and finds a hiding spot. The others go in search of the one hiding. When they find the hidden person, they hid with them. The last person to find the group is then the hider.

It worked out well for our activity and the youth seem to have a fun time.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Around the World in 80 Minutes (or 40)

Tonight the young women did a world tour of activities. We copied off the information from Sisters in Zion and had a blast.

Game: Paper Dragon- The YW had to unwrap a roll of crepe paper around their arms. First team to finish won.

Game: Ice Stack- See how many ice cubes you can stack, one on top of each other.

Game: Tortilla Toss- See how far the YW can throw the tortilla.

Game: Tied Up Tea Party- Group sits in a circle with wrists tied to the young woman next to her. Unwrap and eat the treat. First team to finish wins.

Game: Mummy Wrap- Wrap one young woman with three rolls of toilet paper. First team completed wins.

Game: Root Beer Chug- Chug a two liter bottle of Root Beer as a team.

Game: Tribal Drums- Each participant is blindfolded. The team must find the drummer.

(No pictures. Sorry!)

Game: Pizza Toss- Toss pizza dough over the head and back to the next teammate. Best dough wins.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why do we need the Book of Mormon?

The Sunday before I asked all the young women to come next week with their favorite Book of Mormon scripture and explain why. As they presented, I wrote the reference with the young women's name. I noticed that all of the young women, without watching each other, got out their notebooks and wrote it down. (YAY!)

I am going to make a handout with all of the references so that they can keep it in their scriptures.

We had a great discussion that took the whole time. At the end I gave them a scripture chain handout that helped them create a thesis statement for the Book of Mormon. The handout is found here