Sunday, May 18, 2014

Who, What, and How Singing Time

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Today we played the "Who, What, and How" game. I have these cubes for this game.

In the what cube I put the program songs that we have worked on this year and the last one was a free choice.

The who cube gave options for who sang- kids, teachers, if you have a pet, etc.

The how cube had things like eyes wide open, lights out, etc.

This was a great way to change things up and give everyone a turn.

I found most the options for our cubes at

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Singing Time

I stumbled across this idea and this idea and decided to merge them for Mother's Day. (We'll spend a few minutes working on our May song first.)

Items Needed:

Apron, shoes, band-aid, cleaning wipes, heart, glasses, bag to put everything in

Plan of Action:

Hand out numbers 1- 6 to reverent children in primary.

Find the oldest girl in Primary that day
and ask him to come be the
"Mom in Training."

Set her on a chair in front of the room

Read the Official Mom School Entrance Letter

Welcome to Mom School,
You will be attending Mom School today to help
prepare you for all the things you are going to
 need to know when you grow up and become a Mom. 
Please put on your pearl necklace as your first assignment.
Sis. E
Head Master


Call the child who has # 1 to find the apron and put
 on the Mom in Training.

1.   Apron: Cooking helps to provide for your family and gives time to be with your family.
Song: Popcorn Popping (p. 242)

Call the child who has #2 to find the shoes and
put them on the Mom in Training.


2. Shoes: Walk in righteousness so your future children will follow you.
Song: Do As I’m Doing (p. 276)

Call the child who has #3 to find the band-aid and
 put it on the Mom in Training

3. Band-aid: You will need to know how to fix things that are broken and help your children smile when they are having a bad day.
Smiles (p. 267)

Call the child who has #4 to find the Cleaning Wipes 
and hand it to the Mom in Training


4. Cleaning Wipes: You can show your future children how to be helpful.
When We’re Helping, We’re Happy (p. 198)

Call the child who has #5 to find the heart and put
it on the Mom in Training

5. Heart: You can love your future family and teach them that Heavenly Father loves them too.
My Heavenly Father Loves Me (p. 228)

Call the child who has #6 to find the glasses and
put it on the Mom in Training


6.Glasses: You can read and teach your future
children about the scriptures.
Book of Mormon Stories (p. 118)

Congratulations! You have completed your training in Mom School, and have many of the tools you will need to be a successful Mom.