Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sock it to the Standards

For a quick standards night we did the idea here with our young women and young men. I decided it would be easier to just ask multiple choice questions and have the "a,b,c,d" on the wall. That took around 45 minutes. Then we did a few group games which I tied into the fact that we need to help each other.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Young Women in Excellence- 2011

For our YWIE program we had an awards night and called it Stars Night. Each girl was given an award for the project she chose the present. We had one young woman write an essay, so she was nominated for best writer award. She was up against people like C.S. Lewis, etc. We decorated envelopes and read off the categories. After each young woman excepted their award, they had the opportunity to do an acceptance speech. 

We fixed hair and make-up before-

Each girl had a table to decorate. We made silhouettes for mutual a few weeks before-

Refreshments were cheesecake and sparkling cider-

Love these girls!