Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Talent (and Non-Talent) Show

In May the young women were in charge of the ward social. We decided to do a Talent (and Non-Talent Show) and used many ideas from Awesome Ward-Missionary Ideas.

For a few weeks before, we passed around a sign-up sheet. We emphasized that we were encouraging a variety of talents and that there would be no judging involved.

Since we do not have a stage, we used the overflow as our stage. We had bag pipes, whistling the Star-Spangled Banner, air guitar, hula dancing, stories, harps, lip-syncing, etc.

We also had display tables out for non-preforming talents. People brought artwork, science fair projects, stories, etc.

For refreshments, we asked everyone to bring a finger food.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What is the priesthood?

Last Sunday I had a young man from our ward come in and explain what the priesthood was and how it blessed his life.

Then one of the young women used the talk, "This is My Work and My Glory" by Elder Ballard to teach about the priesthood.

Understanding the Priesthood quiz.  Great for lessons, Family Home Evening and personal study!
(from theredheadedhostess.com)

With the remainder of the time, we completed and discussed the priesthood quiz found at The Redheaded Hostess.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Personal Progress Mentors

As we have thought about ways to help keep our young women going with their Personal Progress, I stumbled across an amazing idea at What We Did in Mutual. They started a summer mentoring program where the young women were paired up with a relief society sister that could teach them a skill they wanted to learn.

So I took the idea and ran with it. The young women picked out their skills and last Sunday I pasted around a sign-up sheet in Relief Society. On the top of the sign-up sheet, I wrote this message- "The Young Women are working hard on their Personal Progress and we would like you to help mentor. If you can help with any of the skills listed below, please sign up. We are asking for 10 hours of help, above and beyond that is up to you. The young women will get in contact with you soon to begin making a plan. I know that this will be a blessing to our girls. Thank you!" I also told them it was up to the sisters to decide if they wanted to donate materials that would be needed for the project and to not feel obligated to do so.

I was so excited when the clipboard came back and each young woman had at least one sister volunteering to help. I think this will be a great opportunity for the young women to learn a new skill and gain another friend in the ward.

We have one young women who is almost done with her Personal Progress, so I think what we'll do is ask for a sister to call her up during the summer and plan out how to finish up her Personal Progress.

At the end of the summer, we will have some kind of thank you for the sisters that mentored.