Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good Works Value Project Ideas

·         Plan an afternoon of free babysitting at the church for ward members. Advertise the service and circulate sign-up sheets several weeks ahead of time. Prepare one kids' craft or activity for the afternoon.

·         Identify areas of town (parks, playgrounds, roadsides, church grounds) that are littered or dirty. Over several days, pick up trash and beautify the areas.

·         Organize a food or clothing drive and donate the proceeds to a local shelter.

·         Spend 10 hours as a volunteer indexer for people trying to locate their ancestors.

·         Make finger puppets for a children's hospital

·         Learn and become certified in First Aid and CPR and teach it to others

·         Babysit for Relief Society Enrichment night for 5 months, plan activities for the children

·         Compile and distribute a monthly YW Newsletter for 6 months

·         Make and bring Sacrament bread for 6 weeks (must let Priesthood leaders know)

·         Temple work!! Find names and go to the temple to be baptized for them

·         Make FHE kits to give to families in the ward, 3 months' worth-including recipes, games, lessons

·         Plan and cook 10 meals for your family

·         Organize and de-clutter your attic or garage (with a parent's permission)

·         Sew 5 pillows to give as gifts

·         Offer to do free babysitting for 10 hours to a family in the ward

·         Tutor

·         Write weekly letters of support and encouragement to a Missionary for 3 months

·         Be in charge of New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence

·         Give dance classes, music lessons, etc.

·         Adopt a family for Christmas

·         Mentor one of the younger girls through her personal progress

·         Paint flower pots and plant inexpensive flowers and take to a rest home

·         Type up old family journals

·         Volunteer at a hospital

·         Plan a ward social with the Bishop’s permission

·         Make file folder games for the nursery

·         Organize a blood drive

·         Make "chemo baskets" and take them to a Cancer Treatment Center- pair of socks, the Young Woman lap blankets, hard candy, a pack of gum, lotion, a trial size packet of baby wipes, a small trash can with a box of liners (in case the patient gets sick on the travel home). Give them anonymously

·         Organize family photos

*Disclaimer- These have been collected from many sources on the internet and a few are my own ideas. I am not taking credit for coming up with all of these ideas, just collecting them!

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