Monday, January 7, 2013

Faith Value Project Ideas

Create a website featuring the YW values and the young woman's personal testimony, with a minimum of three pages comprising the site.

Film interviews of friends and family members talking about their faith in Christ, then edit the video and set it to music.

Needlepoint a pillow case or tablecloth with a scripture

Write a YW Sacrament Meeting Program (need permission from the bishop)

Make monthly Personal Progress reminders to hand out to every YW for 6 months

Make FHE kits to give to families in the ward, 3 months' worth-including recipes, games, lessons

Read any book of scripture in 60 days (Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Old or New Testament)

Watch or rewatch general conference, all 4 sessions, and the Young Women general session. Then write in your journal how it applies to the value that you are working on and how it affects their life

Be in charge of New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence

Memorize the Living Christ.

Memorize the Articles of Faith, then teach them to a Primary child, make visual aids

Cross stitching the YW theme in the value colors

Create a blog- could be about your Personal Progress goals, how you choose to life your life, your testimony, things you learn from your scripture study, etc.

Compile a family testimony book

Create a work of art that shows your testimony

Write and illustrate a children’s book about a gospel topic

Make a quilt- have each block represent a gospel topic, pp value, etc.

Compile quotes from General Authorities about the young women’s values and make a scrapbook
 Read a book by a General Authority

Keep a scripture journal and write in it every day

Make file folder games for the nursery

Memorize scripture masteries

Pick out a gospel topic you would like to learn more about, study and prepare a talk about it, ask a member of the bishopric to give a talk or teach it in young women or FHE

Start a scripture study group

Find out what Primary is teaching and make visual aids for songs or a lesson

Collect stories of faith from friends, family, or ancestors. Type them up to make a book.

*Disclaimer- These have been collected from many sources on the internet and a few are my own ideas. I am not taking credit for coming up with all of these ideas, just collecting them!


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  2. AWESOME, thanks for outting these options up. I am a member at American Samoa, Pago West Stake and I'm a secretary but I've already received my medallion and it was a memento I can't forget. I love every YW in my Ward and I want the best for them. I also love helping them. Right now, I am helping my sister on her Personal Progress and it is amazing how I feel helping them out. Im looking forward to getting my Honor Bee.