Monday, November 12, 2012

YWIE Bowl 2012

Our Young Women in Excellence was last month and our theme was football. We tie-dyed shirts a few weeks before for their jerseys. Most of our inspiration was from Go Forward with Faith and A Little Crafting.

Our program-
After the opening song and prayer, the young women leaders did a cheer. Then each young woman was announced for the starting line-up and ran through a banner they made. Then the YW huddled up and said the Young Women's theme. The YW leaders gave pep talks on how life is like a football game and how the young women's value help us "practice" for eternal life. Then we had the "game" where each young women had the opportunity to share what they did for their project. Then we watched a slideshow of pictures from the year. The girls received their super bowl rings (ring pops) for winning the game and the bishop and a counselor from the stake YW spoke as well.

We had concessions available afterwards- nachos, peanuts, football brownies, etc.

Each young women took home a playbook. The playbook contained a summary of each girl's project and what they learned. It was printed on football scrapbook paper and the girls each had a football position and named their play.

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