Monday, November 12, 2012

Life is like a football game

Here is my talk from YWIE Bowl 2012-

1st down- accomplishing good goals like Personal Progress
Cheerleaders and fans in the stand- fans in life, your extended family and friends
Touchdown- Getting to the temple (You don’t want to go just once. You want to continuously feeling the joy and score the points!)
Penalties- Sometimes we need to repent, reassess our life. Just because we get a penalty does not mean that the game is over or a lost cause!
Referee- Sometimes our penalties might be big enough that we need to have the ref help us get back on track and correct those penalties.
Coaches- The Young Women leaders, parents, seminary teachers, and Sunday school teachers that you have will teach and coach you on how to live the best life. They’ve been playing the game for longer so they know the ins and outs better, what plays work better, and how to get to the end zone more efficiently.
Offense- You are the offense. You have control over that ball and decide where to take it.
Defense- There are things and people out there trying to keep you away from the touchdown. They are willing to drag you down in the mud and grass in order to make sure that you do not achieve the ultimate goal of getting to the temple.
The team- You will always have teammates, YW friends, in this game of life with you. Be loyal to them. Help block for them so that they can get further down the field.
Time outs and half-time- Sundays, They are the moments when we get to take a break and evaluate how we are doing and if we need to adjust our course
Ball- goals, need to have them in order to make progress

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