Thursday, October 17, 2013

2013 Young Women in Excellence- Daughter of a King

 We had our Young Women in Excellence last night.

For the program we decided to adapt a few Jenny Phillips programs. We shortened and combined her Daughter of a King and Happily Ever After. For one of the videos, we made our own slide show from pictures of the last year.

 Then we had our coronation of the princesses. We asked the parents to write a few sentences about what makes their daughter unique and a princess. We read this and then each girl was given a wand with Daughter of a King written on it. (We invited the ward to come and the primary girls were invited to wear princess dresses. I had the girls give the wands when we were finished reading.)

The two mutual nights before, the young women were divided up into decorating and refreshment committees. This was a wonderful way to get them involved and to remind them to come! It worked out well and I was impressed with the finished product.

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