Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Around the World in 80 Minutes (or 40)

Tonight the young women did a world tour of activities. We copied off the information from Sisters in Zion and had a blast.

Game: Paper Dragon- The YW had to unwrap a roll of crepe paper around their arms. First team to finish won.

Game: Ice Stack- See how many ice cubes you can stack, one on top of each other.

Game: Tortilla Toss- See how far the YW can throw the tortilla.

Game: Tied Up Tea Party- Group sits in a circle with wrists tied to the young woman next to her. Unwrap and eat the treat. First team to finish wins.

Game: Mummy Wrap- Wrap one young woman with three rolls of toilet paper. First team completed wins.

Game: Root Beer Chug- Chug a two liter bottle of Root Beer as a team.

Game: Tribal Drums- Each participant is blindfolded. The team must find the drummer.

(No pictures. Sorry!)

Game: Pizza Toss- Toss pizza dough over the head and back to the next teammate. Best dough wins.

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