Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why was a restoration necessary?

Every time we come to a new month of curriculum for our Sunday classes, I mourn the fact that we do not have more time to cover all of the topics. I am so glad that the youth are getting the topics in both Sunday School and YW/ YM because they are so foundational to the gospel.

Today, because of several reasons, our time was basically over before it started. I started off by having the young women figure out the timeline found here. The young women each received a point from the timeline and had to put it in order. Then we talked about the events. The together we answered the first page from the worksheets.

Our time was up at this point so I send the young women home with the first page of these worksheets to complete during the week. I asked them to come up with one reason why a restoration was necessary to share for next week.

I ran out of time but I wanted to do an object lesson. I was going to show a completed puzzle, pull it apart, and then ask a young woman to put it back together. I would take one piece away first. Then we would talk about how it is frustrating to not have a complete puzzle and how it can not be restored with something missing. Then I would relate it to the things that have been restored in the gospel.

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