Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Beginnings- shoes and other details

Here are the sayings that went along with the shoes. I would love to give credit to the person that come up with these but the website ( is no longer in service. : (

When it comes to Personal Progress- "Just Do It" (Nike's)

Don't Flip Flop with your standards. Have integrity and always stand for truth and righteousness. (flip flops)

Always set your standards and goals high. Make a commitment to "dig in your heels" to attain them. (high heels- spikes!)

Just like Dorothy, your main mission in life is to "want to go home!" (red shiny shoes)

Like your favorite slippers, the Holy Ghost is comforting and peaceful. He will also be your companion as you listen for that still, small voice. (fluffy slippers)

No one wants to be a "loafer"- being lazy will get you nowhere fast! (penny loafers)

Just what the Dr. ordered to keep you spiritually in tune- Young Women Values! (surgical boot)

Never let your standards slip or slide. Focus on the eternal principles of life and jump high to attain them! (basketball shoes)

Jesus Christ provided the way for us when we have need to repent and he healed. (surgical slippers)

Always keep on your toes and dance through your life with confidence and grace. (ballet slippers)

Round up your spiritual potential! (cowboy boots)

Prepare now so that when you marry you can walk hand in hand with the righteous young man who will be a part of your eternal destination. (temple slippers)

Don't get caught in an avalanche of sin. Use your testimony to stay on top and trudge through your trials. (hiking boots)

Elevate your spirit as you grow closer to your Heavenly Father. (high platform shoes)

Don't get out of the swing of things. Stay straight by attending all of your meetings. (saddle shoes- black and white)

Never let your testimony go flat. Nourish it daily and keep it burning strong. (flats)


Here are the young women value centerpieces. We have used these for our YWIE's and New Beginnings. 


Here are the tags we used for our milk cups.


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